Fun with #webanalytics

We’re constantly monitoring and researching how people interact with Report Kitchen sites, and using those insights to guide our content strategy and information design recommendations.  So we thought we’d share a few graphs and a bit of what we’re learning.

Graph #1

This is a graph of "page depth," or how far down the page people scroll. It shows 11 of our Report Kitchen sites, year-to-date.

Graph showing page depth

Every visitor starts every page at 0%, the top, and either leaves the page somewhere in the middle, or they reach the end (100%).

The importance of Page Depth varies by site -- if you have multiple landing pages and summary/listing pages before people reach a detail page, it may not be that important. For the deep, content-rich sites Report Kitchen builds, every page represents meaningful content we hope people will consume.

Red 55% site -- you’re doing great!
Teal 21% site, let’s dive deeper
and see why people skip out so soon :)


Graph #2

This graph shows how the length of a page affects how far down people scroll. Yellow and Green are two different sites. Dot size is # views, stars are Home Page.

Graph showing page depth

Overall, Yellow's visitors read further down the page. Pages below the trend lines are “underperformers” that maybe merit a content strategy review?

Instead of comparing two sites, one might also compare before and after a redesign.

Next time we’ll look at “content coverage” -- how much of your total content is your audience viewing?  With an organizational site or a blog site, visitors aren't expected to read every page, but a really engaged reader might want to view all 8 or 10 “core” content sections/chapters of a digital report. 

So how many do?

To be continued...



You have no idea how or even if people read your PDFs. Publish your reports, toolkits, and resource guides as interactive web content with Report Kitchen and you'll get detailed analytics of how your readers interact with your content and what they're interested in.

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