How It Works

We can convert your existing Word or PDF report into an interactive digital document in as little as two weeks.  Our process is fast, affordable, and we do all the work for you.

Step 1: You provide us with your report document in MS Word or PDF format.

We can take a final, designed, and published document, or we can get involved while your document is still being written. The earlier we get involved, the more options we have for enhancing your report with interactive features. 


Step 2: We convert your content into a new Report Kitchen-powered digital document.

Unlike those "turn-the-page" PDF viewers, Report Kitchen digital documents are standards-compliant, responsive HTML websites.


Step 3: We add enhancements such as interactive data visualizations, integrated video, reader engagement and feedback tools, and more.

At this point your report is already much easier for people to read, performs much better on search engines, is completely optimized for social sharing, and ready to produce detailed, actionable metrics on how your audience is engaging with your content. 

Depending on your goals, audience, timeline, and budget, we can do much more. 

If your report has charts, graphs, or maps, we can replace those flat images with interactive data visualizations that tell your story better and engage your readers more deeply. We can allow readers to customize their view of your data, and let them download your datasets for further study. 

If you have videos that help tell your story better, we can embed them right into your content.  If there's other content you can't include in your PDF such as photo galleries, extended interviews, original research or datasets, bibliographies or other appendices; if it would value to some of your readers, we can make if available as an option without compromising the readability of your overall report.

Finally, you didn't produce your report just to sit on the (metaphorical) shelf. What actions do you want your readers to take as a result of what they learned from this document?  Contact elected officials and express their concern?  Request more information or follow-up from your organization?  Register for events, webinars, or volunteer opportunities?  Donate (always a popular option)?  Maybe you just want to solicit some feedback and opinions from your readers. 

These are just some of the ways we can work together to enhance your report and deliver greater results.


Step 4: Go Live! We handle all the hosting and tech details. We can even help you market and promote your report, online and off.

Your new digital document exists as its own microsite which is easily integrated into any website, and any email or social media campaign, regardless of technology. The site will have your visual branding, and your domain name. 

We also offer the option of self-hosting the site if you prefer.

After launch we remain available to help with promoting your new site, with understanding your analytics, and with any updates or additions you might need.